Myrrh Space promises a full range of services for your condominium’s interior renovation and furnishing needs. Being a subsidiary of Clover Buildcon, a leading company in the design and construction industry, Myrrh Space takes the design concept to the next level, making premium designs affordable, from contemporary to avant- garde. We desire to make each condominium living space reach its fullest potential. Prioritising in the quality of our workmanship, we make home improvements easy as we strive to achieve a touch above the ordinary for all our customers.



Our team of interior designers are here to help you capture what you can only envisage, turning your ideas and imaginings into visual reality, creating that perfect space for you and your family.


Share with us your ideas. Our team of construction gurus will make things happen, delivering what you need and ensuring quality workmanship is achieved.


As our professional and experienced carpenters and furniture builders manufacture and assemble carpentry works, you can count on them to deliver excellent craftmanship.

Signature Style

If picking a wall colour is tricky, what about finding the right colours for an entire house? It can be a struggle for most people when it comes to creating a cohesive look for a home. If this resonates with you, the Myrrh’s Signature Style may be your answer.

You may have a favourite colour in mind or maybe you need a little help to get there. Perhaps you may even have a few favourites and you need help to decide on how to bring it all together. Based on your choices, our team of interior designers will help you create an entire interior colour palette for your home, ensuring that one room connects to the other visually, even if each room is styled a little differently.

The Myrrh’s Signature Style is the new way to design your home. Contact us to find out more today.

Lighting Design

One of the most important elements of interior design at Myrrh Space is lighting. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal and style of a space, it creates the mood and gives your space character.

The living space that you are in cannot be experienced to the fullest without proper lighting. Good lighting not only gives warmth, inviting those who are in it to enjoy the space that they are in but it also ensures that your space is functional. Creative use of lighting enhances every embellishment that you have within that space – from your furniture, flooring to ceiling, the finishing fittings and the textures added to give that space a face lift.

Taking into consideration the natural lighting that you get within your home, the interior designers at Myrrh Space will carefully choose the light fittings and lamps to compliment the style and décor of your space, giving it a breath of fresh air and life.

Ceiling Design

More often than not, the ceiling is overlooked when designing or renovating your home as there are so many aspects to consider, from the furniture to wall colour selection, space planning and lighting. But even with the simplest design, a ceiling can create a dramatic visual impact in any living space.

Good ceiling designs can create warmth and cosiness in any room or make it look more spacious and airier. With the right kind of lighting, it can effortlessly add flair and elegance. You can also look at adding texture to your ceiling which can add dimension to any room. Speak to one of our interior designers to explore the possibilities.

Carpentry Design

Apart from stylish interior design and classy furniture, carpentry details are a great way to bring the wow factor into your home. They transform your living space, from the kitchen to the living room and bedroom, giving it its own personality. A sophisticated piece of carpentry can be the most noticeable fixture in your home. It can enhance and brighten up the mood of every room, bringing warmth and a little bit of fusion between tradition and modernity.

At Myrrh Space, we love creating innovative interior design features in carpentry with a high level of craftmanship and quality. We also believe that great carpentry is about longevity, an original that can be passed on from one generation to the next.

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